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Our head office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we also operate branch offices in Norway, Sweden, Poland and Lithuania. 

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Student stories:

Exchange students in Denmark

What is High School exchange in Denmark like??

Our lovely students from Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Japan talk about why they chose exchange in Denmark, what it’s like being in the country, what they’ve experienced so far, and their time with their host families and friends.

Have a look at the gallery below to see more pictures of student and host family experiences in Denmark.

Exchange students in Norway

Selina from Italy, 17 years old:

“I go to school here, and afterwards I do things like sports, going out with my friends and to the city. I chose Norway expecting beautiful nature, but it’s even more beautiful than I thought. In the winter, it looks like a wonderland, and I’m so excited to go skiing and snowboarding!”

Fenja from Germany, 17 years old:

“I wanted to do an exchange in Norway, because I wanted to get to know a new country, culture, and language. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and experience new things. My host family talks with me a lot, so I got to know them really easily, and we took a lot of trips in the first months so I could experience Norway. I had a really good start. For me, it really helped that everyone welcomed me and made that start easy for me by inviting me to things.”

Exchange students in Sweden

Momoko from Japan, 15 years old:

“It’s been a really new experience for me living in a small town in Sweden, because I’ve always lived in the city. It’s so interesting that the forest is only three minutes away. I’ve enjoyed time with my host sisters and going for walks in nature and the snow. I’m excited about the rest of my stay!”

Gesa from Germany, 16 years old:

“I’ve been in Sweden for three months and I still can’t get over the beauty of this country! I’ve had so many opportunities to experience new things. I’ve joined sports clubs and a choir. I’ve started saying this is my second home now. If you’re thinking about going to Sweden, do it! It’s worth it 100%!”